Putrajaya Botanical Garden - Take in the fresh air at the Botanical Gardens

In Putrajaya is a 230-acre of land which is made into the Botanical Gardens. This large garden of lush greenery will take your several hours if you do stop often to take pictures.

There are five different theme of the park; Explorer's trail, Palm Hill, Sun Gardens, Floral Gardens and Lakeside. Do remember to bring your camera along. If you do not quite fancy walking, you can also cycle in the garden

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Putrajaya Wetland - Watch the birds at the Wetlands

The Wetlands Park of Putrajaya is the home of many flying faunas. The Wetlands is believed to be the largest man-made freshwater wetland park at this part of the world.

The wetlands have attracted a number of marshland, water and migratory birds such as egrets and herons. There is also a pair of African hippopotamus at the lake.

Putrajaya Bridge - Cruising on Putrajaya Lake

The best way to see Putrajaya is by getting on the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. With rates from RM10 to RM30, you will be able to see Putrajaya in a different perspective. You can expect to see some magnificent landmarks of Putrajaya.

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